White Paper

Opportunities for Batteries & VPPs in the Australian C&I segment

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White Paper - Opportunities for Batteries & VPPs in the Australian C&I segment

White Paper - Opportunities for Batteries & VPPs in the Australian C&I segment

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The definitive guide to building profitable C&I battery and VPP projects. Specifically written for battery sellers, VPP-builders and investors, our White Paper aims to inform market entry and sales strategy via a deep-dive into battery project economics. 
To reach our findings, we've modelled 280 hypothetical battery projects using the VIPPY™ engine, which mimics the bid-logic of a real-world battery. It is the culmination of months of effort from the New Energy Ventures team, and is peer reviewed by some of the most respected in the industry.  
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  • Executive Summary

  • Who should use this report and how?

  • Why value stacks are key to C&I batteries?

  • What we've modelled and how


The Economics of Simple Value Stacks 

  • What are examples of 'simple battery value stacks'?

  • The best locations and tariffs for C&I batteries​

  • The best load profiles for C&I batteries​​

  • Key take-aways for battery sellers


The Economics of Advanced Value Stacks 

  • What are examples of 'advanced battery value stacks'?

  • Market revenues from wholesale arbitrage & FCAS

  • The best locations & load profiles for C&I VPPs 

  • Key take-aways for VPP Builders & battery sellers


A Practical Guide to Battery & VPP Deployment 

  • Key considerations for tapping advanced value stacks

  • Sizing and designing batteries to fit a C&I load profile

  • Understanding revenue risk - for investors

  • Creating sales strategies for C&I batteries

Hypothetical projects


Understand your opportunities, whoever you are: 

Battery sellers

Battery sellers/installers, Solar Co's, Energy consultants

VPP builders

Aggregators, Energy retailers, Network businesses

Buyers & investors

C&I businesses, 

Third-party Investors

James Allston

Lead Author | NEV MD

Michael Jurasovic

Lead Modeller (VIPPYTM)

Chris Cooper

Snr Editor & Go-to-market

Magdalen Urrutia

Supporting editor

New Energy Ventures
Expert Reviewers
Independent, from industry
Phil Blythe

Founder & Director, Greensync

David Leitch

Chief market analyst,

ITK Services

Jonathan Prendergast

Technical Director, Business Renewables Centre Aus.

Matt Grover

Strategy & Market Development, AMS


"This is one of the best reports I have ever read. Particularly as this is such a complex topic."

Jonathan Prendergast,

Business Renewables Centre Australia

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