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EnergyCo's & Start-ups

Energy today is full of opportunity. 

We ensure you capture it. 


Launch your product or service with confidence. 

Create new products & services


✔  Identify 'blue ocean' opportunities

✔  Create unique value propositions

✔  Obtain direct customer feedback

Go-to-market with confidence


✔ Conduct techno-financial modelling

✔ Navigate regulatory complexities

✔ High-growth go-to-market strategy

Optimise margins & growth


✔  Pricing & revenue strategy

✔  Investment & growth strategy

✔  Agile, iterative growth

Who we've worked with

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Our team of hardened entrepreneurs can support you assess, test, launch, finance & grow your new energy venture.

Your business

How we can help

Project timeline

Explore Opportunities

Sift through the myriad of energy options that exist today & tomorrow

Refine Your Business model

Any good idea needs a exceptional game plan to give success a chance

Build, test & learn

Time for the hardest part - iterative execution

Stage of development




Product-market assessment

✔  Ideation workshops

✔  New energy market research

✔  Value proposition canvassing

Business strategy development

✔  Customer & market testing

✔  Detailed financial modelling

✔  Go-to-market strategy

Venture implementation & support

✔  Venture agency for hire

✔  Partnership advisory/due diligence

✔  Board advisory

Case Study - Energy Sector

New Venture Support - major Australian network business

An unregulated arm of a major distribution network business wishes to expand into the growing market for embedded networks. 

We supported the client by running a strategic venture assessment process in which we reviewed a number of different potential service models within the embedded network sector. This involved a deep-dive into the market landscape to understand the relative value opportunities, competitor analysis, financial modelling and real-world & desktop market research. We also developed the go-to-market strategy, the insource-outsource strategy and advised on potential near-term acquisitions.  

The client is proceeding to establish an enterprise in the space and will continue to engage us to ensure effective market entry. 

Give your new energy venture the best chance of success.

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