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eBook: "Building a VPP: Strategies for success"

Pages: 10;    Read time: 10 min;   Cost: Free

Virtual power plants have been a hot topic in Australian energy for a few years now, however, we’ve seen a mixed bag of results when it comes to uptake and delivery success. 

In this eBook / article, we reveal the secrets used by leading companies to create successful virtual power plants. We cover:
  • The fundamental elements required for VPP success

  • 4 case studies showcasing the strategies used by leading VPP companies

  • Tips to help you integrate these lessons into your own offer 

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Industry Insights eBook - by New Energy Ventures

Building a Virtual Power Plant

Strategies for success


"VPPs are complex as they blend both supply and demand side solutions. Complexity, however, is also the opportunity - and those who navigate it best will become the energy company of the future."

James Allston

Managing Director

Chris Cooper

vippy Go-to-market

New Energy Ventures are a management consultancy offering high quality advisory services for new energy businesses, including VPP market entrants.  

With our strategic advisory services, we can help fill your knowledge gaps so you can build solutions that work in the real world.

Our clients have exclusive access to vippy, our in-house modelling software specifically developed with batteries and VPPs in mind. 

Get in touch with NEV to learn more. 

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Model, build and deploy a VPP with vippy, our proprietary software


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Opportunities for batteries & VPPs in Australia's C&I segment

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