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See us as your energy SWAT team, making light-work of your business challenges, and giving you a competitive market edge.

James Allston, Managing Director

Our team blends commercial acumen with technical, financial and regulatory expertise:


Managing Director | Lead Consultant

James Allston

Strategy, regulatory and delivery model specialist with 15 years  experience across multiple sectors in Australia and overseas. 

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Daragh O'Duffy

Data scientist and engineer with experience in water and electricity distribution, and a specialist on electric vehicles and power system studies.

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Senior consultant | Ventures Director

Chris Cooper

Business strategist, energy analyst with over a decade of consulting and entrepreneurial experience in the energy industry.

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Michael Jurasovic

Power systems engineer and data scientist with extensive experience in electric vehicle grid integration and power system modelling. 

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Business manager

Magdalen Urrutia

Manages our internal business operations to ensure that each client has a seamless experience. 

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