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Commercial & Industrial Energy Users

Unlock serious value for your business with new energy.


If you're a large energy user, New Energy Ventures can help you understand your opportunities through our strategic advice and detailed analysis.


Reduce energy spend

✔  Reduce energy & network costs

✔  Onsite generation & demand flex

✔  Buy off-site renewable energy


Find new revenue

✔  Arbitrage energy markets

✔  Create/optimise embedded network

✔  Sell onsite energy to customers


Reach sustainability goals

✔  Maximise integration of solar

✔  Create pathway to zero net carbon

✔  Create pathway to electrification

We bring expertise across the following areas


Solar PV


Demand flexibility

Electric Vehicles

Tariffs & connections

Delivery models

Embedded networks & microgrids

New energy retail models

Virtual Power Plants

Onsite & offsite PPAs

Fuel-to-Electric Conversion

Business services

Integrated energy strategy

Procurement services

Tender support

Deal due-diligence

Tariff optimisation

Who we've worked with

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We can help you at each stage of your energy journey

Your business

How we can help

Project timeline

Explore Opportunities

Sift through the myriad of energy options that exist today & tomorrow

Refine Solutions

Determine how to best deploy your resources to achieve your goals

Procure technologies

Seek the best market solutions & ensure rhetoric meets reality

Stage of development




Options Analysis

✔  Understand your business drivers

✔  Market scan of tech & services

✔  Trend analysis for perfect timing

Energy & financial modelling

✔  Unpack value and cost savings

✔  Power system planning

✔  Technical-financial modelling

Procurement support

✔  Owners representation

✔  Tender specification & support

✔  Performance benchmarking

Case Study - Commercial & Industrial sector

Battery modelling & deal due diligence - Charter Hall

Charter Hall owns and operates large shopping centres around Australia. They required due diligence on a potential deal installed batteries at 9 sites. 

We supported the client in modelling the value and risks of a third-party owned battery using our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) model. This model can simulate optimised bidding based on wholesale price variability and demand charges across different market regions. 

Based upon our recommendation, the client proceeded with the deal which will create one of the largest C&I battery fleets in Australia. 

See what value we can find for your business.

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