Model embedded network value

Analytical support for property developers, OCs and embedded network operators


At New Energy Ventures, we're constantly asked by property developers and owners corporations to decipher sales proposals from embedded network companies.  Truth be told - they're often difficult to navigate - even for energy nerds like us. To help, we developed the Local Embedded Network Simulation (LENS) model - an advanced energy & financial modelling tool for embedded networks. At the same time we've honed the art of explaining the value of embedded networks to developers and OC's.


Over time, we have refined the tool to model electricity, hot water, internet and other embedded services. The tool can also be used to explore the benefits of solar, batteries, EV charging and other new energy technology.

Introducing LENS

The modelling tool that shines a light on embedded network value.


LENS is designed to help you:

Understand value

Model the value of your embedded network and how to share that value between you, your customers and embedded network operators.

Explore new energy integration

Model the value of integrating solar, batteries, EV charging and other new energy technologies.

Empower you decision making

Understanding the value will enable you to make decisive decisions on energy servicing design, procurement and commercial structuring.

Conduct powerful feasibility analysis

More than just a financial model, LENS can crunch numbers for all types of embedded networks by connecting to New Energy Venture's proprietary LENS model: 

  • Electricity, gas, hot water, internet

  • Residential, commercial or mixed-use developments

  • Flexible to any embedded network ownership structure 

  • Solar PV with various metering arrangements & funding models

  • Interval modelling of up to five child meter types

  • 40+ inbuilt load profile shapes

  • All network tariffs Australia-wide

  • Realistic forecasting of churn, bad debt, price escalators

  • Single or multi-year rollout horizons 

  • Balance sheet, cash flow, P&L spreadsheet outputs

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