Embedded network brokerage

For property developers and owners corporations


Why use New Energy Ventures?

Best commercial outcome

We help you find the best partners to maximise on your development goals, whether it's cost minimisation, ongoing revenue etc.

Protect your customer

We'll structure the embedded network to ensure your customers are best protected from dodgy practices and regulatory changes.

100% Independent

Unlike other brokers, we do not accept commissions. We represent your business and no one else.

We're been trusted by the following businesses with their embedded networks


Why use an independent broker?

NEV entered the market after it realised that other brokers were taking their customers for a ride.


We are aware of other brokers receiving massive commissions from successful tenderers for
up to 10 times our services fees.


We think that there is no justification for stratospheric commissions. Ultimately these commissions mean end customers - the first home buyers, pensioners, renters and others that commonly live in embedded networks - get bill savings taken directly from them.

We provide fee-for-service brokerage.

Prices start from $5,000ex GST

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