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eBook: "EN101: For apartment & townhouse developers"

Slides: 27;    Read time: 20 min;   Cost: Free

Done well, embedded networks can be used to deliver outstanding outcomes for end customers, decapitalise energy infrastructure and assist in achieving sustainability goals. Done badly, embedded networks can lead to a reputational disaster.

In this eBook, we provide a foundational understanding of embedded networks, and how developers can safely employ embedded networks and extract value for their development and their customers.
We cover:
  • What is an embedded network?

  • How profitable are embedded networks?

  • How can they be leveraged to meet development drivers?

  • How can developers safely extract value from embedded networks?

  • The Top 5 golden rules for establishing embedded networks?

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Industry Insights eBook - by New Energy Ventures

Embedded Networks 101

A practical guide for developers


"As a property developer, you are in the box seat to determine how value is shared between your customers, embedded network operators
and yourselves.

But, do you know the size of the pie and how to share it?"

James Allston

Managing Director

Chris Cooper

Associate Consultant

New Energy Ventures are a management consultancy offering high quality advisory services for the property sector.

With our strategic advisory services, we can help fill your knowledge gaps so you can build solutions that work in the real world.

Our clients have exclusive access to LENS, our in-house modelling software specifically developed for modelling embedded networks enhanced with new energy technology. 

Get in touch with NEV to learn more. 

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Model your network

Model, build and deploy an embedded network with LENS, our proprietary software


Apply our process

Over 5 years we have developed, refined and apply this process for implementing embedded networks

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