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The tools to analyse new energy opportunities didn't exist.

So we built them. 

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Electric Vehicle Models

Find value opportunities and make confident decisions with our market-leading analysis tools.

EV Charging Network Optimised Planning Model 

This model integrates demographic & EV uptake projects information, traffic data, fleet/timetable data (if applicable), electricity network data, existing charging locations to determine the optimal locations for EV chargers.

This model can be used for:

  • Optimal location of EV charging infrastructure

  • Understanding potential future EV charging hot spots

  • Optimising the investment and sizing in charge infrastructure, based on fleet constraints, network constraints, charge speeds, and charger economics


Developed for: EV charger service providers, fleet providers, EV charge station investors, energy utilities

EV Charger Load Forecaster & Business case model

This model can be used for

  • Understanding the site economics of fast & ultra-fast chargers

  • Exploring the impact of different EV uptake & fleet mix scenarios

  • Understanding energy use and demand for chargers over time

  • Generating load profiles for solar, battery and virtual power plant modelling

Developed for: EV charger service providers, fleets, investors

VPP Economic Engine - VIPPY

This model can be used to:

  • Financially model a VPP for large energy users

  • Explore interactions between onsite battery requirements and demand savings

  • Unpack wholesale market arbitrage and ancillary services value

  • Compare business model options for VPP vendors


Developed for: Large Energy Users, VPP businesses

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VPP model
Solar & battery simulator (SBS) tool

This model can be used to:

  • Understand the value of solar and batteries

  • Explore different control methodologies – demand saving, load time shifting, solar storage

  • Compare upfront capital purchase, PPA and lease financing opportunities

  • Compare business model options for solar and battery businesses

Developed for: Solar & battery purchasers, new market entrants

Solar & battery model
Hot Water & Alternative Storage
Hot Water & Alternative Storage Solutions (HotWass) model 

This model can be used to:

  • Compare gas, and solar thermal solutions with resistive electric and heat-pump hot water systems integrated with solar PV

  • Compare solar diverter and timer economics

  • Correct sizing individual and centralised electric hot water systems

Developed for: Property developers, technology vendors

Load profile generator tool

This tool can be used to:

  • As a basis for power system modelling local energy networks with high solar penetration

  • Exploring the interaction of commercial and residential loads and generation

  • Preparing for grid battery analysis

Developed for: broadacre estate and precinct developers, distributors

Embedded Networks
Local Embedded Network System (LENS) model

This model can be used for

  • Economic modelling of electric and gas embedded networks and microgrids

  • Unpacking the value of embedded networks for embedded network operators

  • Exploring the impact of new energy on embedded networks, especially solar and batteries

  • Investigating how to split and share value between developers, operators, owners and end-customers

  • Comparing business model options for new market entrants


Developed for: property developers, embedded network operators, new market entrants

Power Systems Engineering for New Energy

We have established a partnership with Clean Technology Partners to undertake advanced power system studies as required by NSP's and AEMO. We've integrated with our load and generation profile simulation tools into modelling platforms such as PowerFactory/ PSSE/ PSS Sincal/ PSCAD. It can be used for:

  • Power quality analysis inc fault/contingency event studies, active/reactive power & voltage/frequency control

  • Exploring the impact of high solar uptake of solar in a MV & LV networks & potential remedies

  • Grid connection studies to determine grid impacts from a new development

For: broadacre estate & precinct developers, distributors.

Network & tariff optimisation tool

This model can be used for:

  • Understanding the impacts of low-voltage vs high-voltage connections

  • Understanding customer contributions

  • Ensuring customers are on the appropriate network tariff

Developed for: property developers, large energy users

New Energy Power Systems Modelling
Network & Tariff Optimisation

Access our market-leading tools to help your business get your 'energy game' on.

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