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Property Developers

Unlock serious value for you and your residents, with new energy.


If you're a property developer, we can help you:

Energy & property developments

Increase sales velocity

✔ Enhance product for customers

✔ Differentiate from competitors

✔ Find marketing & PR opportunities

Network connection costs property development

Lower development costs

✔ Reduce network connection costs

✔ Create new revenue streams

✔ Offload costs to energy service co's

100% sustainable branding

Reach sustainability goals

✔  Maximise solar integration

✔  Create zero carbon pathway

✔  Create future mobility pathway

We also work with architects, volume builders and land-owners - ask us how. 

Who we've worked with

Moonee Valley Urban development Melbourne
Intrapac Kinley Lilidale Quarry
Stockland solar
Make Ventures Assemble Communities
Glenville Homes Energy
Retirement community lifestyle over-55's
Hampton Builders Developer
Sydney Science Park Energy sustainability innovation
Mt Atkinson Melbourne fringe residential community
Freedom developers Sunshine

Reach win-win outcomes at each phase of your development

Your Development Phase

How we can help

Project timeline

Development concept

From a patch of land rises a vision of a new community.

Planning and DA's

The development takes shape. Stakeholders set their expectations.

Design Specification

Time to get into the nitty-gritty and spec out the entire development. 

Sale & Construction

Finally some cashflow! Customers flock to your new development.

Operational phase

Potentially you provide energy services to development's residents 

Stage of development






Setting your Objectives

✔  Refines vision & targets

✔  Prevents future cost lock-in

✔  Spot differentiation options

Integrated Energy Strategy

✔  Refine strategy from connections through to generation

✔  Cash model value opportunities

New Energy Design support

✔  Power system design

✔  Technology & vendors advice

✔  Negotiate on connection costs

Go to market support

✔  Product & vendor selection

✔  Procurement support

✔  New venture Establishment 

Operational support

✔  Ongoing venture support

✔  Performance benchmarking

✔  Business optimisation

Case Study - Property Sector

100% Solar-powered Community - Intrapac Property

Intrapac sought to differentiate in a crowded market and improve their sustainability credentials by facilitating the install solar on all homes and businesses in their urban mixed-use development. 

We supported Intrapac with 100% solar network design & engineering, sourcing of low-cost load sink solutions, developing a solar financing venture to create a diversified revenue stream, and Greenstar accreditation. 

The outcome is a clearly innovative development set to deploy a massive 15MW of solar in a urban environment. Network impacts are accurately modelled and issues mitigated against using smart network design, flexible loads and other technical solutions. 

Give your development a competitive edge.

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