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Our mission is to help you succeed in a fast-changing & increasingly complex energy world. 


Whilst we always personalise to your needs, our work typically falls into three broad categories

We help identify energy-related risks, opportunities and solutions to feed into your strategic game plan. 

1. Strategy

Our industry-leading technical & financial & market models help you make straightforward decisions.

2. Analysis

We'll guide you through the commercial, technical & regulatory complexities to ensure success. 

3. Implementation

We bring commercial, technical and regulatory expertise across the following areas:

Solar PV


Demand flexibility

Electric Vehicles

Tariffs & connections


Embedded networks & microgrids

New energy retail models

Virtual Power Plants

ESCO's & PPA 2.0

Future mobility

Delivery models

Integrated energy strategy

Procurement services

Deal due-diligence
Sales & marketing 

Go-to-market strategy

Business services

See how could your business benefit from getting energy right.