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Do embedded networks the right way

For property developers

Hi, we're New Energy Ventures. 

We're consultants, helping the property sector navigate the world of embedded networks.

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Why use us to help set-up your embedded network?

Meet your development goals

An embedded network can help you differentiate in the market, lower customer bills, boost sustainability, or tap new income. 

Unlock financial value

The right structure and procurement process can win-back value from energy companies, to be shared between you and your customers

Reduce risk

Avoid poor customer outcomes & other risks via well structured contracts & carefully selected suppliers. 

Our 4 step process gets you the best outcomes:

Step 1 

Energy Strategy Session

In this session you'll:

  • Learn how to harness embedded networks to meet your goals.

  • Identify the most suitable energy service model(s) for your development

  • Draft a new energy technology game plan for your development 

Step 3

Tailored Implementation Guide 

A practical step-by-step guide to allow you to:

  • Finalise your outsource/vendor procurement strategy

  • Navigate the commercial, technical, risk & regulatory considerations

  • Go-to-market with confidence

Step 2

Feasibility modelling

Using our proprietary LENS model, we'll:

  • Forecast customer bill savings in your development

  • Estimate upfront costs, income opportunities & ROI potential 

  • Clarify your embedded network strategy & negotiation position

Step 4

Procurement services

As embedded network experts, we manage the procurement process for you:

  • Writing tender briefs for your customised solution

  • Compare proposals from quality vendors in a clear, consistent format. 

  • Maximise value capture, via a competitive tender process


Free eBook 

Embedded networks 101

For apartment & townhouse developers

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Download our FREE guide to learn the key fundamentals to get right when setting up an embedded network. 

To get started, make sure you read our free eBook ...

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Embedded networks - winners or sinners?

Unfortunately, it's true.  The embedded network sector has earned itself a 'less-than-squeaky' reputation. Developers have traditionally awarded embedded network contracts based on who offers the biggest capital contribution - creating poor customer outcomes & bad press. But the good news is - as a developer - you have the power to set-up the embedded network on your terms. And if you do it right, you’ll create winning outcomes for both you and your customers.

So, how do I set-up an embedded network the 'right way' for my development? 

The definition of the 'right way' varies for each development, based on your site, your business and your customers' needs. There are many considerations - for example: the ownership structure, the mix of technologies, funding, contract terms, customer experience & protections, and sustainability.  

In all cases, it's key that you take a more proactive approach - carefully crafting an embedded network to align with the unique drivers of your development. As embedded network consultants, this is where we can help you. 


Learn more about our embedded network support services...

Feasibility modelling

LENS - a powerful financial embedded network analysis tool

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.13.04

Our Local Energy Network Simulation tool (LENS) is the gold-standard when it comes to crunching numbers for all types of embedded networks. Specifically designed for property developers to:

  • Model electricity, gas, hot water and internet embedded networks

  • Assess ROI, cash flow analysis, capital costs

  • Estimate customer bill savings for your development

  • Negotiate better with embedded network companies.  

New energy technologies

Solar & battery in embedded networks.png

New energy technologies

  • Assess the feasibility of solar PV, batteries, hot-water systems, electric vehicle charging technology

  • See how these technologies boost the viability of your embedded network

  • Go-to-market seeking the right systems for your needs

New energy technology, without the sales spin

Ready to do embedded networks right?

Reach out with our team today to start the conversation...

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