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Power up your embedded network sales

with LENS convert

At New Energy Ventures, we're constantly asked by property developers to decipher sales proposals from embedded network companies.  Truth be told - they're often difficult to navigate - even for energy nerds like us. To help, we developed the Local Embedded Network Simulation (LENS) model - an advanced energy & financial modelling tool for embedded networks. At the same time we've honed the art of explaining the value of embedded networks to developers and OC's.


Over time, it became clear that embedded network companies themselves need access to these same tools - to help build trust, understanding and ultimately conversions. And so LENSconvert was born. 

Introducing LENSconvert

The embedded network sales proposal tool, with in-built feasibility analysis. 


LENSconvert is designed to help you:

Educate prospects

Build informative, easy-to-follow proposals

Build credibility & trust

Show off your competence and capability

Reduce time & effort

Allow your sales engineers to convert more sales in less time

iphone LENSconvert.png

Create beautiful sales proposals

  • Develop your own unique proposal template using our fully-customisable themes as a starting place. 

  • Integrate with your existing sales collateral if required

  • Present in multiple formats - paper, digital or online across multiple devices.  ​

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Product upsells, made easy

LENSconvert interfaces with our other analysis tools to allow seamless assessment and sale of new energy technologies. 

  • sell solar, batteries, demand response, hot-water systems or EV charging technology

  • remove the guesswork out of new energy technology sales 

  • drive more revenue through new services or commissions

Conduct powerful feasibility analysis

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.13.04

More than just a proposal tool, LENSconvert can crunch numbers for all types of embedded networks by connecting to New Energy Venture's proprietary LENS model: 

  • Electricity, gas, hot water, internet

  • Residential, commercial or mixed-use developments

  • Flexible to any embedded network ownership structure 

  • Solar PV with various metering arrangements & funding models

  • Interval modelling of up to five child meter types

  • 40+ inbuilt load profile shapes

  • All network tariffs Australia-wide

  • Realistic forecasting of churn, bad debt, price escalators

  • Single or multi-year rollout horizons 

  • Balance sheet, cash flow, P&L spreadsheet outputs

Ready to elevate your embedded network sales?

Request a demo, or get in touch with any questions. 

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