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For sale - 2 x 250kVA Batteries

via Dutch Auction  

This auction has finished

2 x 250kVA / 270kWh  |  Grid-stabilising & FCAS-ready  |  Price ex. freight, install  |  First-in, best-dressed


Current price per battery, in AUD ex GST
Auction is passed in. Offers, either above or below the reserve can be made until Wed 5 August. 

Note: This Dutch auction is now closed. Any questions? Drop us a line at . 

The Backstory: Our client is looking to sell 2 x 250kVA / 270kWh battery systems. The batteries are brand new. Five were purchased for network support in 2019, but were ultimately not required due to changing requirements.  Three have since been sold, and New Energy Ventures are helping sell the remaining two via this Dutch Auction.

Introducing Powercache®.   A high-performance grid-stabilising battery system

Multitude of use cases


✔ FCAS market approved

✔ Network / voltage support

✔ Peak load management

✔ Islanding, backup & blackstart

Fully integrated solution


✔  273kWh LG Chem JH3 battery cells 

✔  250kVA Vacon NXA04606A Inverters

✔ 2 x Cabinets, BMS, fire suppression, switchgear, coupling transformer & monitoring

Proven track record

noun_Good Boss_1501672.png

✔ Integrated by PowerTec Engineered Solutions P/L 

✔ Previous sales to Ausnet, Jemena, SAPN, Power & Water, Sunshift (Laing O'Rourke) & ChargeFox


Bidding in a Dutch auction

  • This auction has fixed price period, followed by a falling price period, which continues until both batteries are either sold or withdrawn by vendor. 

  • The battery is offered to bidders on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  • Bidders should place their bid at the time when the price is at their willingness to pay.

  • As there are two batteries available, the two first bidders will 'win' the auction. The price at the time of the second (lower) bid will be offered to both the first and second bidder.

  • Bidders can also 'pre-bid' i.e. make an offer at a future price. Should the price fall to the nominated offer price, the offer is automatically converted into a valid bid, at the offer price. 

The 'price drop': 

  • Prices are fixed at $335k for the initial 2 weeks of the campaign.  

  • Commencing 9am, 14th July, the price will drop $625/hour ($5000 per workday) until both batteries receive bids. 

  • The 'price drop' is only active during business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday), however bids may be made at any time during whilst the auction is Live. 

Other important details

  • A bidder can place two bids should they wish to reserve both batteries.
  • A bid is deemed to be a firm and binding reservation. A bid is subject to final confirmation by buyer and vendor upon the signing of purchase contract.

  • Upon receiving the second bid, the auction will be placed on hold until contracts are settled. The auction may be restarted should the buyer not commit to signing purchase contract within a sufficiently reasonable time period. 

  • The vendor (our client), reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, or negotiate directly with bidders on final price.

Auction Terms & conditions

About this Dutch auction

About the Powercache®

PowerCache® is a modular, grid stabilising Battery Energy Storage System by PowerTec.  According to PowerTec: the "PowerCache® is one of the most effective, versatile, smart and autonomous Inverter/Battery Energy Storage System on the market."

"PowerCache® has been developed to:

  • control, support, balance and stabilise the voltage, frequency, phase and load of a community or commercial grid or a distribution grid segment, both on and off the utility grid;

  • to resolve constraints on the distribution network, make optimal use of local renewables, limit the demand;

  • allow for dynamic access to electricity wholesale markets and market services, and to;

  • to enable Microgrids."

Price inclusions: 

Battery, Inverter, BMS, Switchgear, Coupling Transformer, Monitoring equipment and enclosures.

Price exclusions: 

GST (10%), Freight (est $5-10k), Install & commissioning (est. $10-20k), Network connection and operations management.

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