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Your feasibility & sales service for energy storage & VPP's

Identify prospects

Rank the financial viability of your prospects en-masse to ensure a targetted sales approach. 

Build the business case

Calculate the optimum battery size, and model revenue streams for any site, anywhere in Australia.  

Convert to customers

 Get projects over the line using our customer & investor-facing feasibility proposals.    

Previous battery / VPP clients of New Energy Ventures

The 'Data Cruncher'

Find your most valuable battery opportunities

Vippy recreates the bid-logic of a VPP-enabled battery to offer insights into your databases' potential for batteries.  

  • Stop wasting time and money on poor prospects

  • Be highly-targeted with your sales approaches. 

  • Rank sites by IRR, NPV, business type & location 

  • Batch-run up to 1,000 C&I sites, NEM-wide

  • Determine the best battery size and duration for each site.

  • Can model a wide variety of battery value streams

  • Can also recommend more Solar PV or network tariff changes 

Feasibility Reports & Sales Proposals

Build the business case with our customer-facing tools

Start selling C&I batteries today with our easy to understand client facing materials. 

  • Educate and inform quickly and easily. 

  • Prebuilt templates include 'Feasibility Report' & 'Sales Proposals'

  • Create your own template to reflect your brand and unique approach

  • Covers battery sizing & utilisation, energy load impacts, financial performance / KPIs, revenue potential, various ownership models.

  • Use in conjunction with VIPPY's 'Data Cruncher' to ensure seamless sales funnel integration. 

Inform investors with detailed revenue & risk modelling 

Investors and prospective owners require a more  detailed view of battery project risks. 


Our Investor Analysis offers: 


  • High-level investor summary including costs, revenue modelling, investor KPI's in easy-to-digest format.

  • Detailed market scenario & sensitivity analysis to understand such risks​

  • Detailed balance sheet, cash flow, P&L spreadsheet outputs for each scenario

  • Simulated Interval data inc. battery operations and bid-logic. 

  • Optional Extra: Project Risk Scorecard Assessment*


*Detailed project specific risk assessment of project's technology, regulatory, counterparty and project delivery risks. 

Investor Analysis

Commercial Batteries.png

Understand your opportunities, whoever you are: 

VPP builders

Aggregators, Energy retailers, Network businesses, Portfolio managers. 

Battery sellers & advisors

Solar Co's, Battery Co's, Bid-management Co's, Consultants.   

Battery buyers & investors

Project developers, Site owners, Investors, Community groups. 

"VIPPY can be configured to model a multitude of storage use cases, be it behind or front of the-meter, off-grid or vehicle-to-grid."

James Allston, New Energy Ventures 

Frequently asked questions

Which battery services can VIPPYTM model?​

VIPPY can model a variety of value streams independently or simultaneously, including: Peak Demand Charge reduction, Time-of-use arbitrage, Wholesale Energy arbitrage, Solar-self consumption, Frequency Control Ancillary Services (Contingency Raise), Network support services.  Each site and client will have different requirements and opportunities which will determine the best 'value stack'. 

How much does it cost to access VIPPYTM?

We've designed VIPPY to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Each service offers an additional layer of detail, and is priced accordingly. Please get in touch to access our latest pricing. 

Can VIPPYTM be run for other customer segments or use cases?

Whilst VIPPY's streamlined service is specifically designed for the Commercial & Industrial 'behind-the-meter' use case, VIPPY can be configured to service other use-cases on request. Vippy can model the viability of residential VPP's, generator co-located batteries, network support batteries, vehicle-to-grid (V2G), for example. Let us know if you require any bespoke modelling services.  

What other services do you offer for VPP market entrants?

VIPPY's is run by New Energy Ventures, a management consulting firm specialising in new venture establishment in the energy sector.


We offer a range of strategic support services for VPP or battery proponents. For example, we can help you fine-tune your business model, differentiate yourself from competitors, navigate the regulatory/compliance complexities, set-up an effective sales strategy and negotiate strongly with a counterparty. 


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